Cage Nuts


M4-2 Cage nut (panel 1.7-2.5) BZP
M5-1 Cage nut (panel 0.7-1.6) BZP
M5-2 Cage nut (panel 1.7-2.6) BZP
M6-1 Cage nut (panel 0.7-1.6) BZP
M6-2 Cage nut (panel 1.7-2.6) BZP
M6-3 Cage nut (panel 2.7-3.5) BZP
M8-2 Cage nut (panel 1.7-3.0) BZP
M10-2 Cage nut (panel 1.7-3.0) BZP

Small or large quantities of cage nuts are available - prices on application.

Please note we have a bagging facility, so if you have any bagging requirements please ask for quotation

Item Description Our price
1000 M6-2 Cage nuts Kits
Other quantities and prices available on request
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